Industrial Property Rights and Related Fields

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Industrial Property Rights and Related Fields

With the deciphering of the genetic code, biotechnology has given technical progress a revolutionary boost. This has also meant breaking new ground in patent-law conflicts regarding vaccines, detection and manufacturing methods, among other things. The attorneys at rospatt osten pross have been involved from the outset in the legal developments pertaining to genetic patents.

Industrial Property Rights and Related Fields

rospatt osten pross is located in Europe’s two most important venues for infringement proceedings in the field of industrial property rights. Approximately half of all the patent-infringement disputes in Europe are heard in Düsseldorf. Another significant venue for patent-infringement cases has emerged in Mannheim.

Our everyday practice includes: infringement disputes; opposition, nullity and cancellation proceedings; entitlement disputes; transfers of rights; and licensing. Our activities cover all fields of science and technology. Our clients currently include companies in the fields of aircraft manufacturing, aeronautics, biotechnology, chemistry, electrical equipment, machine tools and mechanical engineering, materials, medical technology, optics, pharmaceuticals, process engineering, satellite technology, semiconductor and computer technology, and mobile telecommunications.

Our excellent long-standing contacts with the best patent and IP attorneys in other countries ensure optimum litigation strategies for cross-border cases as well. In consultation with you, we coordinate the proceedings while you retain your personal contact at rospatt osten pross.

Under 'Landmark Decisions' you will find a small choice of prominent cases that rospatt osten pross has handled.