Copyright Law

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Copyright Law

A computer specialist switches jobs and goes to work for a competitor. A short time later he is accused of software theft by his former employer. Are the programs or stored files involved covered by copyright protection? What are the chances of obtaining evidence and enforcing the company’s rights? What is the appropriate course of action under civil law? And criminal law? 

A complicated subject with novel twists and turns that rospatt osten pross always approaches innovatively.

Copyright Law

rospatt osten pross advises clients on all aspects of the protection, licensing, utilization and enforcement of copyrights and personality rights. We undertake the drafting of contracts and represent our clients in judicial and extrajudicial proceedings.

In this area we serve companies in the fields of computer software, media, music, publishing and advertising, as well as the originators of other protectable works. It is our task to come up with practical answers to new legal questions arising from ongoing technical and economic developments. In the light of modern digitization possibilities, our experience in dealing with industrial property rights is of particular value.

Under 'Landmark Decisions' you will find a small choice of prominent cases that rospatt osten pross has handled.