rospatt osten pross –
a Value Adding Team


spi|rit noun wit; soul; energy

Those who work with us experience wit as the fountain of our ideas, beyond established paths, soul as the shelter of our knowledge and the experience of a firm with a more than 70 years’ tradition, energy as the mainspring to expedite the matter of our clients.

The protection of intellectual property safeguards and promotes innovation and entrepreneurial achievement. For more than 70 years rospatt osten pross has been active exclusively in this specialized area of business law. We secure our clients’ entrepreneurial base by defending and enforcing their protected rights and shielding them against the attacks of competitors.

In patent law the German courts – especially those in Düsseldorf and Mannheim – traditionally lead the pack in Europe, hearing several hundred infringement cases a year. Also in trademark law, design protection, copyright law and antitrust law their centralized jurisdiction ensures decisions of the highest quality.

The clientele of rospatt osten pross is international. Our clients value our independence and our detailed knowledge of current legal developments both within Germany and abroad. Our daily business is dealing with scientific and technical matters, pursuing legally complex trademark strategies, and steeping ourselves in the unique aspects of a design.