From closing loopholes to closing businesses,
we protect you against counterfeiters.


Reaping without sowing. This can spur competition, make luxury items affordable for everyone. It can also stifle innovation, forfeit investments in a brand. What is permissible imitation competition? When is a product a «counterfeit»? When is a parallel import illegal? 

rospatt regularly takes action against the makers and distributors of counterfeit products, inadmissible parallel imports, and grey imports of non-exhausted goods. We are active in the fields of pharmaceuticals, automobiles, designer furniture, electronic articles, furnishings, fashion articles, model vehicles, equestrian accessories, staple toys. 

Our engagement in this area of law includes conducting investigations, organizing customs surveillance, accompanying police operations and obtaining judicial measures at trade fairs. In doing so, we rely on thorough fact-finding, careful documentation and proven cooperation with investigators. The aim is to uncover supply chains and networks, and to close market entry points for illegal imitations.

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