Infusing electronics innovators
with IP advocacy.


The electronics sector encompasses hardware and software components, as well as computer implemented methods. The focus lies in patent cases, but there is also a trend for protecting the designs of electronic devices and even seeking protection against counterfeiting complex electronic devices under unfair competition laws in Germany. The German jurisdiction is very elaborated and effective in this regard.

rospatt advises and litigates in all kinds of cases in this field, be it a multi-billion SEP dispute between manufacturers of mobile devices or a cost-sensitive case for a start-up with a precious design idea.

Related Cases

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  • Gira v Merten / Schneider Electric (wall switch design)
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  • r.d.i. DeutschlandNOCO (jump starters)
  • Samsung Electronics v Apple (tablet computers, smartphones)
  • Samsung Electronics v Ericsson (mobile telecommunication devices, communication chip design)
  • Samsung Electronics v Sharp (LCD panels)
  • Schneider Electric v Siemens (circuit breakers)
  • Sick v Pilz (security circuits)